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Episode · 2 months ago

Sales Is Always Personal - Blake Bedoya

Blake Bedoya never really understood what it meant to be in sales, but he found himself selling bicycles to billionaires. After learning to sell the wealthy, today he uses the same skill set to sell everyone.

Episode · 2 months ago

Tell Me Your Dreams - David Mcbee

Why do you work? Where do you want to go? David Mcbee went from pursuing his dream of being the next Tom Cruise to selling others their wildest dreams. Then, he took his first job in sales. Rising to the top of field, David now host webinars monthly that attended by thousands of sales reps.

Episode · 2 months ago

Doing Math In China - Taylor Robinson

Selling overseas is tough. Selling six figure deals tougher. Doing both as your first sales job? Ridiculous. Taylor Robinson redefines what it means to be thrown to the wolves in sales. He found success and now helps companies navigate COVID 19.

Episode · 2 months ago

Let The Buyer Sell You - Mike Centorani

Before the internet, yellow page advertising reps were both hated and needed by most local businesses. Mike Centorani’s approach to selling made him a top performer and is now used by thousands of sales pros worldwide.